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Ground Beef Ragout

Ground Beef Ragout
My Ground Beef Ragout, simmering in a wok, steam rising from it

Planning meals is always a little difficult for me. I took this plastic container out of the freezer, opened it to find a kilogram of ground beef, and sat at the table staring at the frozen mass of red meat, wondering what to do with it.

Spaghetti Bolognese could be “it”, but one kilogram of beef would make too much sauce. This particular batch of ground beef was bought a week ago and I don’t like meat to be kept too long, even in the freezer. It’s either I cook all of it, or I throw out or give away the uncooked portion. The latter is not an option, given the state of the economy.

We put it to a vote and, of course, Spaghetti Bolognese “it” is! And so I dutifully fired up my stove and cooked the sauce and the pasta, and all six family members plus 2 guests had a hearty spaghetti lunch. And, of course, I ended up with half a pot full of left over thick and meaty sauce.

And so I rummaged through my food supplies, came up with mushrooms, sweet green peas, potatoes and raisins, peeled and diced the potatoes and boiled it in the sauce along with the mushrooms, raisins and peas. as well as a pinch of dried chili pepper flakes and a soupcon of dried oregano.

Then I conjured up some hot fluffy rice.

Dinner is solved!

Errrr, I mean dinner is served.