Think of Me, from The Phantom of the Opera

Cover Artist: Fara Dina Aquino
Song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera
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Cover on YouTube: Once Upon a December, from Anastasia

Moi singing “Once Upon a December” from the animated movie “Anastasia” (1997)
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Katy! the Musical, 1989 CCP Production

I was there, truly 🙂 and not as a spectator but as a member of the cast.

Katy! the Musical (1989), Cultural Center of the Philippines

I saw news about Katy! the Musical being restaged in 2013 by Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez, and, just on a whimsy, I did a search on youtube for it. You know what – and I did not expect it – there are videos of the 1989 production staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. And I am on them 😉 ( of course, I would be, because, like I said, I performed in it)

On this one, I am the majorette

Here, in the circle of dancers after the curtain rises, you will see me at the front right side. I am the one over whom Mitch Valdes stumbles, and also the one she pushes off the platform:

On this, at 8:03, I am the second one coming in from the left. I am actually the shortest of the dancers and the only one with ‘syete’ hair, you know, the 7 cut that was popular back then. At 9:37, I am the last one coming in from the right, in gold knickers, and the first one to kneel. And I am in front, left, at 9:59! Boy, even I had to really look to identify myself LOL

I come in at 2:37 in this video. My back is turned to the camera, unfortunately, but I know that it’s me because of the short hair caught in a hairnet

You will see me here at at 5:29, I am 3rd from the left, front row

At 3:42 in this video, I come in and stand right behind Miss Katy dela Cruz. And at 4:35 I am behind Ms. Celeste Legaspi

I am Singing Again

I am re-acquiring an old hobby/habit. I am singing again 🙂

It’s good for the lungs, and it’s also a good way to exercise passively. Yes, that’s right. Passive exercise. Instead of sitting around doing nothing at about 60 calories per hour, I can sit and sing at about 105 calories per hour. Nice.

The biggest pluses? Singing reduces stress levels and has been proven to positively influence the immune system. So the experts say 🙂

Here’s a karaoke version of my favorite song. It’s one of the hardest songs to sing.

Cocoy Singing Your Call